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If someone told you that they’re the best in their field, would you believe them? In most cases, probably not. However, if a friend told you that company X is the best in their field, you probably would. This is the power of “word-of-mouth” marketing. The closest in marketing terms to this is the “case study video”.

A case study video is one of the best ways to show people how good your company or product is, rather than just talk about it. Showing, rather than just saying is a much more powerful approach. Showing them how other customers have successfully gone through your sales cycle, and how appropriate your product is in solving their issues is a powerful testimony in your favour.

Watch Mohammed Fakhrawi sharing his business success story.

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That’s why the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) turned to Arabia Video for the creation of tens of case studies over the years. With our proven track record and astute directorial abilities, they made the right choice.

The EDB wanted to show how Bahraini entrepreneurs are resourceful, self-reliant and have become successful by virtue of their hard work, perseverance and intelligence. The result was Bahraini Views, a 26 episode series highlighting the likes of Jehad Alshirawi who started with a few jars of pickles to now becoming one of the major foodstuff manufacturers and exporters at Muharraq Pickles Factory, to Mohammed Fakhrawi who started and sold a company while studying in the United States and continued his successes in business on his return to Bahrain.

The EDB later asked Arabia Video to create another series to highlight Bahrain’s potential to foreign trade and foreign direct investments. The result was our creation of over ten success case studies  which are hosted on the EDB’s main website. moved to Bahrain and invested over $100 million. This is the Bahrain EDB’s case study showcasing this success to inspire other world-class companies to follow suit.

This is what credibility is all about. This is how your generate and maintain a genuine dialogue with your customers and prospects, one that will build trust and long lasting relationships.

Nothing beats seeing your satisfied customers on screen and the success reflected in their eyes. This is why video is such a powerful medium.

I’m sure that your company has some success stories that will directly benefit its sales effort. Call us to discuss the creation of your own case studies now. We guarantee that the results will wow your prospects and customers, and directly add to your bottom line, all for a very modest investment.

Call Mahmood Al-Yousif now on +973-33668811 to start the process.

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