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The Value of Real Estate Videos

Real Estate Videos - A Beautiful Home in Bahrain

Professionally produced property videos increase the chances of closing a sale. This is not an empty premise. We know that marketing’s main function is to shorten a sales cycle. In the property sales world where almost every sale can possibly be the largest investment a buyer is going to make in a lifetime, presenting the product in the right frame is crucial to generating properly qualified leads.

Here’s how: listing a property on the internet with its features and description is no longer good enough. Prospects cannot visualise the property just through textual description. They can’t walk through it. They can’t get a feel if this is the home they will be spending a considerable amount of their lives in. But as they are interested, they will probably schedule a visit for better evaluation. The problem is, those are only partially filtered prospects. They are still unfamiliar with what the property’s like. They’re just visiting to see if it’s to their liking. Photographs do help of course, but photographs cannot give a true feeling for the atmosphere of a property.

Video brings properties to life. Video tours allows people to feel a property and imagine themselves moving in. Video tours give a good perception of space, the surroundings and the feeling associated with a property.Did you know: that websites with video content are 53x more likely to be on Google’s first page? Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy? And conversion rate increases by an average of 30%?

Prospects will view the video online several times to investigate what the property has to offer, so when they actually request a site visit, they’re already familiar with the property.

By this time, they’re well on the way through their purchase decision. This process provides a much better filtering of prospects as those not interested in the property after having viewed the video online will not schedule a visit, saving everyone’s time. Video tours create the required empathy which is born of familiarity.

Why Video?

  1. adds “perceived value” to your property
  2. properly produced, shorten the sales cycle
  3. filters prospects and qualifies leads before they step onto a property
  4. your salesman never sleeps! videos are available to be viewed 24/7 online
  5. low-cost: produced in a couple of days, thus reducing production costs
  6. shows the sense of the place, its depth and scale; this is where most still photography fails
  7. creates empathy through familiarity
  8. protects your investment, videos are easily shared
  9. a key component of social media
  10. viewable on mobile and desktop devices

Through our association with many of the leading property developments in Bahrain, we know the formula for success. We’ve produced a series of videos for Riffa ViewsBahrain Bay and Marina West. In fact, we’ve won five major awards for our work in real estate: the Bahrain eContent Award in 2009 and again in 2011, a CNBC’s Arabian Residential Property Award and a Bloomberg TV’s Arabian Property Award for and the Strategic Video Award from the USA for the “Harmony of Nature Villa Video Tour” of a Riffa Views Oasis property.

Stickiness” is the Holy Grail for successful communicators. This single goal is what essentially distinguishes good information outlets.

Mahmood Al-Yousif

Do you want to know how we can help you increase the perceived value of your properties, and shorten your sales cycle? Please contact us to start the conversation. We’re available on +973-1759 9059 or fill in this form. We’ll contact you within 24 hours. We look forward to being a part of your success story.


The Value of Video

Regardless of how good a company or products are, if people don’t know about them they might as well not exist. To sustain success, potential customers must be informed about products and the business. More-over, these facts must be told in an interesting and compelling way; essentially, the company needs to tell its story in a succinct, interesting and consistent manner. Video, unlike text, is an ideal vehicle for storytelling. It provides a sense of interactivity which encourages familiarity that helps in gaining loyalty and empathy.

Video is an essential component of successful websites and serves the important role of exposing a company’s mission, vision and products to target audiences. This increasing the chances of gaining the visitor’s custom, loyalty and encourage their return visits, therefore developing the relationship.